Virtual Reality has been a talked about topic between gamers and #virtual reality enthusiasts alike, ever since the recent emergence of the Oculus Rift virtual reality device. To further add onto the VR hype, there was a very popular anime (Japanese animated production) called Sword Art Online that depicted a virtual reality simulator which takes a person’s mind and soul to a virtual world where you go on journeys / fight monsters to level up.

Now, I don’t want to get too deep into this animated production as it is only a fictional cartoon, but what I’m trying to say is that virtual reality is starting to become really big…to the point where fiction is starting to become reality. The Oculus Rift is, in my opinion, the first legitimate step towards virtual reality. I’d say it is also a very impressive first step, where people have literally #freaked out from the very realistic virtual reality experience. But the thing is, this device costs about as much as a new Xbox and PlayStation console. It is a very expensive device indeed. But…there is a cheaper alternative, a LOT cheaper. There is the #Virtual Reality Cardboard, which works in conjunction with applicable 3D smartphone apps to provide you with virtual reality experience very similar to the Oculus Rift. Not only do you get just about the same experience, there are TONS of apps to choose from, about a hundred applicable apps in the Google Play store. This is an upside that the Oculus Rift cannot rival. There are apps that range from fighting zombie invasions to roller coaster simulators to world explorations. The virtual reality entertainment is limitless, and these virtual reality platforms are only the seeds of what’s to come. Imagine what technology will achieve in a couple of years… Will you be able to handle it?

Gamer_Geek, signing out!!