Although iPad 2 accessories are still hot sellers, there may soon be iPad 3 accessories to worry about for tablet aficionados. According to ZDNet, there could be some updated voice recognition software to play within the new iPad, something that could cultivate some pretty nifty accessories.

"I think we will see the microphone improved over the last model," James Kendrick writes on ZDNet. "An array microphone for advanced background noise elimination is needed to make the iPad 3 good for voice control and dictation. Apple always approaches things like this with overkill, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a triple array microphone employed for better noise elimination than that provided by typical dual array systems."

Daily Mail said speculation is that the iPad 3 will be introduced to the public come March 7. Details on the new tablet are "under tight lock and key," according to the news source.

Kendrick said there will no doubt be improved iOS on the iPad 3, but definitive details on what will happen with the new device. The possibilities are currently limited for what could come forward from new iPad accessories.