With smartphone cameras getting better and better, many companies are developing lenses to slide over iPhone covers and make the pictures even crisper. Vtec is offering a new lens kit, including the CAM-1209 Aluminum Telephoto Lens, offering a 12x zoom feature without image distortion.

"The Telephoto Lens has a manual focus ring and comes with its own tripod, which attaches to the lens to steady the phone when capturing shots," Latest Gagdets' blog said about the high-quality lenses.

Other new lenses by the company include a package featuring wide-angle and macro lenses in one kind. Wide-angle lenses increase the angle of view by 45 degrees, according to the review, and the macro lens lets users get up close and personal with subjects while not losing any quality in the photo. The company also has a fish-eye lens, which offers circular 180-degree fish eye magnification, which can be great for more "fun" shots.

These lenses can slide over iPhone 4 cases and let users take more professional-looking, clearer photos. The lenses are all available for between about $40 and $55.