If you want to run a marathon over the water then why not try running across the bridge which spans between Qingdao with Huangdao in China. It is the world’s longest bridge spanning across water. Originally Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain Causeway was the longest bridge at about 23 miles. The bridge which spans these two Chinese cities is actually a whole 3 miles longer at 26.4 miles. This bridge is expected to have 30,000 cars cross it everyday over it’s 26.4 miles 6 lane stretch. Surprisingly the bridge, although it was a 4 year project, was not as cost consuming as you would think. The project cost $8,000,000,000, involved 10,000 workers, and took four years. All of these numbers don’t seem like this was a low cost project, but considering how long the bridge is this project was cheap.

Sources: Gizmodo Telegraph