Although this is a mere fraction of the competitors, for a very limited device this is a very impressive number to reach. There is so much to consider when it comes to how many apps is really a milestone. As far as for the WebOS apps it is pretty limited to the Palm Pre and Pixi plus their Plus versions. In total though the amount of customers whom are truly interested in using WebOS is very limited as opposed to those of IOS and Android. Hopefully if the Pre 2 comes out and is a success we will be able to see this number grow and soon seem small in comparison to what they will have. This however does rely on the success of the Pre 2. Not to mention this is a big milestone since Palm is also releasing the WebOS 2.0 update which has been a huge work in progress for quite sometime. Hopefully Palm will continue to rise in ranks with it’s competitors.

Sources: PhoneDog PreCenteral