In a recent interview on the Engadget Show, Woz made a statement that he had figured out why Apple was delaying the release of the white iPhone 4. In short Woz claimed that the issue came from taking pictures using the flash on the iPhone 4. The pictures would come out fuzzy and not as good as they did with the black iPhone 4. Taking this into account plus the evidence which he provided, it seems to be a legitimate reason for the white iPhone 4 delays. This, however does not take into account that his white iPhone 4 was purchased from the high schooler whom was supposedly selling stolen goods. This gives off the sense that his product has had a shady past. The folks at Engadget, however, also had a white iPhone 4 whom also had that issue with taking pictures with flash, yet they were able to easily fix this issue. It turns out that Goz’s white iPhone may have been using a Kirf which was of good quality so it is difficult to tell if it is real or not, and because it was a fake it lacked an important part in order to stabilize pictures taken with flash. As for why the white iPhone 4 is delayed, we may never know.

Sources: Engadget