Truthfully speaking $500 is not necessarily what we would all consider to be cheap, but for the product which you will be getting $500 is the best price. The iPad was the first and the best of all of the tablets which have been released so far. It was a pioneer of this now growing tablet era, but the one thing which has become so astounding is that the iPad was and is still being sold for $500. This is the lowest end of the product, but it is still able to outperform many of it’s competitors. The reasons why Apple is able to sell the iPad for such a low price are that they have partnered with companies such as Best Buy and Walmart in order to get the product out into the market, they all of the internal hardware and software have been produced within Apple, and the control which they show over their products. In the end it just goes to show why Apple is dominating the mobile electronics industry at the moment.

Source: Gizmodo