Smartphones have been running the Windows Phone 7 Mango operating system for less than a month, and the reviews, complaints and praise have abounded.

Microsoft's mobile device operating system is expected to be the next major player in a market currently dominated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Several manufacturers, including HTC, a producer of some of the first Android phones, are contemplating or have already released Windows based phones. A major benefit for Microsoft is that many Android-based mobile phone accessories may be compatible with Windows-based phones, as the same manufacturer may create similar designs.

One challenging aspect of the new system for owners of devices such as the HTC Trophy is the lack of reviews for apps. As the system is still in the growth spurt Android experienced a few years ago, much of the available software has yet to collect the number of user critiques that would be helpful when browsing for new features.

The people hub is an aspect of Windows Phone 7 that may prove popular enough that other systems consider adopting something similar. A number of social lists are combined into one feature, making for a lengthy people list combining phone and email contacts with social media friends and connections.