With both Windows Phone 7 and RIM on the decline it is no surprise to see that there are not too many developers who seem to be very interested in them. It is difficult to say if this is for sure since the survey was only responded to by 2,760 developers who are using these devices, but it is very evident simply by looking at sales that both of these companies are suffering and having a hard time. As for Windows Phone 7 they may have only dropped 7 points from last quarter however, it has been a long uphill struggle for Windows Mobile and it is becoming quite obvious that despite claims to overtake both iOS and Android OS it is simply not going to be feasible in the near future. As for RIM operating system they suffered an 11 point drop from last quarter which puts them behind even further.

Despite being among the original smartphone operating system’s it has become all to clear that both RIM and Windows Mobile are not doing what consumers want their smartphones to do and they will probably continue to drop in appeal with developers. I personally think that between the two of these operating system’s RIM will outlast Windows Mobile 7 since it has been very good over the past few years. The downfall of both of the operating systems is that they are both not as user friendly as iOS or Android. On another note on Windows Phone 7 OS it is simply boring for many of the more techy people. Despite there only being a limited number of responses to the survey it is still a fairly good snapshot on how interested developers are in the operating systems out today.

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