Phones always will get dropped, no matter how carefully people cling to them, so's Geekmom blog took a look at some different phone cases to judge which can work best for the average mother out there with a smartphone.

"As with all products, you need to decide what is best for your daily activities," the blog said. "I’m never around a large body of water, so I can get away with a case that isn’t necessarily waterproof. If I went to the beach every day, my choice in iPhone cases would be different. For those lucky individuals who don’t drop their phones all the time, your case probably doesn’t need all the shock absorption that mine does."

Of the phones the Wired blog looked at, the Ballistic HC got the "best in show" for toughness, adaptability and functionality. LifeProof's case was voted best to use when around water, G-Form X-Protect got best to use "if you want to pay hockey with your phone" and Otter Box was ranked as the best to use for pet owners whose pets may think their phone is a chew toy.

CNET points of Case-Mate's Tank case, iPhone 4 and 4S cases that offers protection from rain and sand. For $60, the case is a decent value for a case that is "military-grade."