This may come a few months too late, but Sony Ericsson recently launched an Android 2.1 upgrade for the Xperia X10 smartphone for AT&T subscribers in the United States.

Sure, Google has introduced two new versions of the smartphone OS since Android 2.1, but the announcement will likely come as welcomed news to Xperia X10 owners, who have been stuck with Android 1.6 since its release last August.

With the update, owners of the 4-inch handset will enjoy the ability to download more apps and improved functionality, including multitouch support, facial detection, 720-pixel video capture and an increased number of home screens.

The update is available now on the Sony Ericsson website. To update the smartphone, users must download a PC Companion application, and then plug their devices into a computer. Sony Ericsson estimates the total download time will take about 30 minutes.

Sony Ericsson did not offer an explanation for the delay, but the company is already planning to launch an Android 2.3 upgrade this summer. However, it has not specified whether the upgrade will be available immediately in the United States.