Once boasting a reputation as one of the leading internet companies, Yahoo has fallen behind competitors like Google in recent years. In a move to retain its former status, the company released a number of mobile software applications for use with smartphones and tablet computers, according to Reuters.

The news source reports that these software smartphone accessories are another part of Yahoo's recent strategy to leverage itself back to the forefront of its industry. In September, it dismissed CEO Carol Bartz and hired investment bank Allen & Co. to provide financial consulting services, as well as looking into acquiring assistance from a number of different private equity firms.

New Yahoo products from this release include Livestand, a free multimedia newsstand optimized for use with tablets that is similar to the feature offered in Apple's iOS 5, along with an Android-based weather app and a new, improved version of its IntoNow, television-focused social app, made exclusively for the iPad.

According to the Associated Press, Yahoo is largely banking its strategy on hopes for the success of Livestand. This feature, which allows users to dictate the content they receive by customizing specific settings, had been formally announced long before its release on November 2.