While iPad 2 accessories have been going strong lately, people can't forget about their iPhone 4S, and companies like ZAGG won't let people, as their new Boost NearField Audio speaker unit, under the iFrogz brand, is a small and portable amplification system compatible with any external speaker device. TheiPhone fits perfectly on top.

These Boost speakers will allow users to amplify their device's sound by simply putting the smartphone or other device on top of the Boost. The technology of the device syncs the external audio signal and amplifies the sound without any wires, cords or Bluetooth technology.

"We are dedicated to providing innovative mobile device accessories that enhance the mobile experience," says Ben Godfrey, VP of product development at ZAGG's iFrogz division. "The Boost is a useful and unique accessory that we know our customers will love."

Even those who have their phone covered with iPhone 4S cases or some other gadget can use this device without worries. It is currently retailing for about $40, and the company said it has about 15 hours of battery time, seemingly making the price well worth it.