Those who travel often or perhaps just like the feeling of a real keyboard over a touch pad should take a look at a new Android and iPad 2 accessory that will give a tablet its own keyboard. The ZAGGkeys Flex Bluetooth Keyboard comes with a protective case and is battery powered, allowing users to stand up their tablet and easily type.

"The ZAGGkeys Flex is not a full-sized keyboard, but slightly smaller – it is in fact the same length as an iPad," Paul Mah said on his Gadget Navigator blog on CIO. "Despite its diminutive size, the ZAGGkeys Flex is sufficiently close to full-sized keyboard, and I expect most people will get used to it relatively quickly."

Mah said the keyboard doesn't feel cramped, and it's almost as portable and good as the Apple Wireless Keyboard. He said the key setup also helps keep the keyboard free of crumbs and dust.

These iPad 2 accessories retail for about $80. Matthew Miller writes on his ZDNet review of the item that it's a great lightweight keyboard and a good choice for someone who prefers typing in this manner.