The new T-mobile MDA PocketPc is an innovative new fusion of technology giving its users amazing versatility of a compact wireless PocketPc fused with an entertaining communications media that off the charts. The T-mobile MDA instantly puts the “it must be big to be a PocketPc” myth to bed, plus its palm-sized design should satisfy and misperceptions that PocketPc phones looks ridiculous when actually calling someone.

The T-Mobile MDA features a full QWERTY slider keyboard that manually operates without touching the LCD screen because of its new crafty design. The screen protector plus additional design modification gives more surety of a scratch less LCD display. The LCD can be used as a touch screen when dialing or when surfing through the menus, but it can be more accessible with the pocket pen, which looks very cool and is able to detach/lock in place effortlessly without sliding in or out. Another interesting aspect about the T-Mobile MDA is it’s charging function. It seems that HTC the manufacturer of the MDA limits the variation of chargers that can be used to re-charge the device. It seems that you can only use an OEM charger to charge the phone any after-market products will not work with the phone. A friend of mine just came back from Korea and he thought that the phone just gave in. But when he arrived back to the states the past week he found out that only an OEM charger will charge the phone and not any other charging device is compatible with the HTC T-Mobile MDA. So whether you are looking for a vehicle charger or a travel charger make sure its an OEM product prior to purchase.

The T-Mobile MDA also comes with the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, which transforms this innovative phone into a moveable computer that fits in your jean pocket. This new versatile MDA / HTC Wizard also comes an integrated Wi-Fi and EDGE high-speed connection (Internet Explorer) that allows you to connect wirelessly in hotspots that provide Wi-Fi connectivity like airports for the busy entrepreneurs or in schools premises for all you students out there trying to make it in the real world.

In this technology driven market this GSM phone/PocketPc has Bluetooth capability and is a quad-band international phone that you can enjoy anywhere you go. The T-Mobile MDA provides a multitude of multimedia experiences that allows you to download and enjoy your personal selection of music and videos on the go with the Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, which comes installed T-Mobile MDA / Auidovox HTC Wizard. In addition if I did not already forget the phone also comes with a stereo headset jack and a 1.3-megapixel camera with a flash option for you to record your experience in the dark. The T-Mobile MDA also comes with an enhanced T9 predictive text for messaging via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), chat (AOL, MSN, and Yahoo! Messenger), and email (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP). The MDA also is capable of supporting a 128 MB miniSD expansion card slot allows that enables any user to add memory for storing downloadable music, games, photos and videos, which you can share with friends and family with high speed connectivity.

The only issues that I have with this T-Mobile MDA phone is that if you are not used to using a PocketPc it can be challenging at first to figure out the technology of a fused computer with cell phone capabilities. Its challenging to constantly use the Stylus Pen to surf through the phone, which can make it time consuming to find things and there is also dialing difficulties. Accessibility to the Internet is limited to hotspots, unless you figure out how to add ISP numbers using a dial-up connection, which creates slow connection speeds. But you can always use T-mobile for a service provider, but it will cost you $29.99/month to connect and then add $14.00 for unlimited text/picture messaging and you can experience a hefty phone bill at the end of each month. But the T-mobile MDA is truly an exquisite technological driven mobile device that is not only capturing the compact motto but it excelling beyond slim and adding relevant versatility that this market really needs. I recommend that you go buy one and see for yourself.

The size of the T-Mobile MDA is slighly smaller than other smart-phones, such as Palm Treo, HP, and Blackberry. The T-Mobile MDA Phone can fit in all other pda sizes pouches and cases. And its also good to have a pda holder to hold your T-Mobile MDA so that you dont have to hold and dial the numbers while you are driving. If you want to boost your signal you can also try our multi-selections of wireless antenna from Wilson, CellPhone Mate and PowerMax.