The Audiovox (owned by UTStarcom) XV6700 is an innovatively new PocketPc CDMA enabled phone designed to provide the duality of a wireless PocketPc PDA that uplinks using windows mobile 5.0 and at the same time its a stylish new Sprint PCS wireless Bluetooth enabled cell phone for all you business tycoons out there. HTC, a Taiwan based designer/manufacturer of wireless cellular technology, once again sets the standards of new product development in this technologically speed driven oriented market and thereby brings the best of both worlds just like the exceptionally new T-mobile MDA? The phone replaces the older, bulkier, and the somewhat crankier Audiovox PPC-6600, which featured the standard slider keyboard design with miniature keys. The Apache/PPC-6700 has a 416 MHz processor, 128 megs of flash ROM, a mini-SD card slot, 1.3 megapixel camera and supports both 1xRTT and EVDO. This was the first Windows Mobile 5 phone to hit the US market and was offered exclusively by Sprint PCS until Jan. 2006 when Verizon began offering their version, the Verizon XV6700.

In the Box the Verizon XV6700 comes with a Lithium Ion 1350 mAh battery, a stylus pen, a cradle, a USB to mini-USB sync cable, a world charger, a stereo headset with mic, a leather horizontal case with belt clip, a software CD and a thick printed manual for those late night reading sessions. Thanks to the convenience of the thumb sized keyboard and sideward slider design the Verizon XV6700 is at 1″ thick and weighs at just over 6 ounces. The Apache expands using a mini-SD slot with a provided adapter that is located up top and the IR port is on the left side while the mini-USB sync/charge port is on the bottom edge. The Audiovox HTC Apache/PPC-6700 has PCS (1900 MHz) and cellular (800 MHz) bands, and both 1xRTT and EVDO technology for data transfer. Reception isn’t the VX6700′s strong point. The phone gets 1/2 or 1 bar out of 4, compared to our other Sprint phones such as the Treo 650 and PPC-6601, which manages 2 bars in similar locations. However, this could just be the network talking literally. A carrier change to Verizon (America¡¯s largest network) should severely decrease problems with reception.

Verizon XV6700 cell phone review from – The Verizon XV6700 has a large on-screen dialer suitable for manual finger/stylus pen dialing, or you may use the keyboard to dial out. My only concern for such a big LCD is whether it can withstand scratches due to the environment the phone is used in or the amount of times the user dropped his/her phone. However, a protective case of some sorts and a screen protector can minimize these setbacks that occur with time and wear/tear. When the slider keyboard section is open, the device will automatically use numbers rather than letters on the keyboard. Again, like all Pocket PC phones, the Audiovox XV6700 has speed dialing, call history, and call muting, speakerphone as well as other built-in applications that you must discover on your own. The XV6700 unlike a lot of its competitors our there doesn’t come with voice recognition dialing, though you can purchase MS Voice Command separately. The sound quality when using the speakerphone is not as expected, however, the volume/sound quality through the earpiece and the included headset are both excellent.
The Audiovox HTC Apache/PPC-6700 is designed with a QVGA 240 x 320-transflective-color display that’s well suited for web browsing and video playback. The display supports 64,000 colors and can be manipulated to portrait and landscape modes for efficiency and effectiveness for viewpoint perspectives. The Verizon XV6700¡¯s LCD screen display is vividly bright, with crisp clarity/contrast and pleasing color saturation to the eye

For your entertainment pleasures the Audiovox XV6700 comes with an array of toys. The XV6700 has excellent sound quality through the included stereo earbud headphones, which works good when listening to MP3s, movie soundtracks, and watching videos using the included Windows Media Player Mobile 10 with support for DRM. However, the volume for both PDA audio portion and ringtones is not as loud as expected through the built-in speaker in the Audiovox HTC Apache/PPC-6700. The Verizon VX6700 has a built in 1.3-megapixel digital camera, which can take still/motion shots in JPEG and BMP formats up to 1280 x 1024 resolution. The digital camera also has an LED flash that helps in low light settings, but please don¡¯t call it your late night savior. Turn on the flash and it stays on until you turn it off, and thus it works with photos and video- in fact it makes a great impromptu flashlight. The camera has a macro mode slider switch that surrounds the lens enabling crisp close range shots. Plus, the phone can shoot videos with audio at a maximum resolution of 320 x 240 in MPEG4, Motion JPEG AVI and 3GPP2 formats. The Audiovox XV6700 also has integrated Bluetooth 1.2 and WiFi 802.11b wireless capability. The Audiovox HTC Apache/PCC-6700 ships with a 1350 mAh battery with 3.7 hours talk time, unless you call yourself a heavy data user or watch several hours of video a day, in that case the life your battery should last 1 to 2 days on a full-charge.

Overall the Utstarcom XV6700 is a great looking and ergonomic device that was creatively designed for efficiency and style. The keyboard with its large domed keys will useful for email and IM addicts. It’s a compact wireless device that runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and has EVDO- that fantastic! The WiFi and Bluetooth abilities will please power users. Call quality and clarity are good and using Verizon instead of Sprint can clear up coverage problems but that¡¯s preferential right. But overall, for us at the phone is a good mix between efficiency and entertainment, a must for all business entrepreneurs.