The Research in Motion Blackberry Bold now makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and family, checking important emails anytime with Wi-Fi and Blackberry Bold accessories like a GSP navigation system so you can go anywhere with this phone.

Before getting the Blackberry Bold, get confident and bold about the features and specs of the Research in Motion. The Blackberry Bold is debuting as the latest and high-tech phone Blackberry has to offer. It displays twice the resolution compared to previous models and it has HSDPA 3G data and 1GB of built-in memory. Other key features worth noting are the GPS navigation, Wi-Fi connections, 3.5 mm headset jack, a memory card slot, a full web browsers and stereo bluetooth. So if the Apple iPhone or iPhone 3G is not the style to go with, the Research in Motion Blackberry Bold is the way to go.

The Blackberry Bold has not been release on the market yet, but Cingular is the tentative carrier for this phone. The battery power offers 15000 mAh which gives it up to five hours of talk time and up to 312 hours of talk time. The LCD screen resolution comes at 480 x 320 pixels with colors of 65,536 (16-bit). The Research in Motion Blackberry Bold is bound to be the most high tech phone Blackberry has to offer; like GPS navigation, web browsing and 1GB of built in memory, the Bold is confident against all other phones.