Verizon has claimed another great phone to offer to its’ wireless customers: the LG Decoy. Just like the phone’s name, the LG Decoy will definitely entice LG fans and more to the features and one that is only available for this phone.

The LG Decoy is the first ever phone with a detachable, built-in bluetooth wireless headset. This built-in, detachable blueotooth headset rests on the back of the phone, so users can easily pick it up to use when receiving or making calls anytime and can save themselves money from buying LG Decoy accessories like a bluetooth headset. Besides from being the first very phone to be built in with a bluetooth headset, Bluetooth printing of pictures makes it easier than ever to print pictures straight from the Decoy. The 2 megapixel camera takes sharp pictures and records distinct videos so any pictures printed will be clear and visible. The big clear screen also proves to be easier on the eyes for those who have a hard time reading some LCD screens.

The slider of the LG Decoy slide just as easily for opening and closing, thus flicking it will slide the phone up and down smoothly. However, a feature which ‘sticks’ out and makes the phone easier to use it is the smooth roll on ‘joy stick’ which is placed at the front bottom center of the phone as a controller. LG has built the Decoy ‘s key pad so it would be easier to push the keys for faster texting when it is needed. It also has a decent battery life. With a 800 mAh Lilion battery, the talk times goes up to 3.8 hours and a standby time up to 330 hours.