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Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i Cell Phone Review


Of all the phone manufacturers out there today, Korean based Helio has been taking the wireless arena through a frenzy of anticipation within their main-stream youth orientated market. The mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), Helio targeting a urban-hip MySpace-user market has been getting the most buzz of recent. A joint effort by California-based Earthlink and Korea-based SK Telecom, Helio launched earlier last year marketing music and MySpace within their clever marketing campaign that emphasized its offbeat, visually appealing phones and unique, urban-hipster friendly features like MySpace, 3G, and Music/Video sharing capabilities. If interested in the Drift after reading the review please feel free to purchase it for $225.00 if you think its worth that price at Helio.

What’s Included In The Box

Helio Drift Travel Charger Helio Drift Stereo Headset Helio Drift USB Data Cable Helio Drift Cell Phone Standard Battery

Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i Cell Phone Review

Easily connect with your computer so you can transfer media, music, pictures, and more to and from your Helio with your USB cable, hear your music the way you want with your stereo headset. But don’t forget to charge your cell phones standard battery up to 4 hours prior to use and never forget your handy travel charger when on the go. And it never hurts to look for additional accessories like a car charger, a extended battery, a Bluetooth stereo headset, or an additional battery for times when its crucial to have some extra power.
Please note that the battery image above dose not represent an actual standard battery for the Drift. Please refer to Helio for accurate visual representation if you like . 


Helio Drift Helio Drift Helio KickFlip Cell Phone Review - KickFlip Keypad desgin

Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i Cell Phone Review

Fortunately, the new Helio Drift, a slender slider phone is quite different from its counterparts. For one the new Samsung Drift is Manufactured by Samsung and not Helio. Second, the Drift not only features Bluetooth and instant messaging, but also offers built-in GPS technology for applications like Google Maps. However, at first glance, the Helio Drift seems a lot like the other Samsung sliders we’ve seen in the past, which was a bit of a let down. Though I just cannot call the Drift a sleek looking cell phone, I noticed that the new Drift had more contour edges giving it a softer feel, overall making the Drift a comfortable phone to hold in your hands. The new Samsung/Helio Drift comes in Frost white or gunmetal black, which alters the look of the phone substantially. Hey just check out the site by clicking on the two-color links above and you will see what I mean. Helio alters the look of its site to distinguish the two colors offered for the Drift. In addition to a choice of color you will enjoy your own personal Global Positioning System called “Buddy Beacon“. This Helio says will synchronize your social life + GPS-enabled Google Maps, which will help you find your way to social hot-spots in the city you live in. However helpful this feature may be, I may just be paranoid, but it can also be a way for someone to track you, which may be a privacy issue. But I don’t see it as too much of a issue. But I would warn anyone to be cautious, especially with new of MySpace identity frauds going around nowadays. With the essence of urban-hip in its circuits the Drift from Helio comes with a 2 MP camera with flash + zoom. Helio asks that you have fun with their built-in Photo Studio with a 128 MB plus microSD™ expansion capabilities. The Drift unlike other Helio manufactured counterparts comes equipped with stereo Bluetooth capabilities. In addition to GPS & Bluetooth positives the Drift has a huge 2.12″ QVGA display with 26K color and landscape capable mode . Other features not including basics are a stereo media player, a MP3 + MPEG4 player, music + video on demand, instant messaging and 3D games. And of course you also get the basic speaker phone, calculator, address book up to 1000 contacts, alarm clock, calendar, video caller id, picture caller id, T9 text capabilities, and voice memo recorder. For more information check out Helio.com for further updates.


Helio Drift

Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i Cell Phone Review

The Drift has a talk-time of up to 3 hours and standby-time of up to 7 days. Its dimensions are at 3.8″ (H) x 1.8″ (W) x .07″ (D) and the Samsung Drift has a weight of 3.53 ounces. Unfortunately for all you GSM lovers out there the Helio Drift has a CDMA 1xEV-DO band frequency between 800/1900MHz. To check for further details about the Helio Drift click here.

Helio Drift Slider Open Front View Helio Drift Keypad View Helio Drift Side Key View Helio Drift Camera Lens View

Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i Cell Phone Review


If you are a slim lover and like sleek compact looking devices then the Drift is not the phone for your. You may love the features, but sooner or later you will dislike the size. But the fact that the Drift is not a Razr does not make it a bad thing. This baby has all the features and all the glitz and glamour that comes with a cellular phone nowadays. But Helio/Samsung had to take it further by adding GPS, a buddy beacon and map look-up capabilities that’s just too cool.  Not only do Helio support CDMA frequencies giving Helio enhanced signal output borrowing Verizon lines, but now its a entertainment giant that I promise you will enjoy if you are comfortable using Helio interfaces in general. But what I most loved about Helio is their Total Happiness Guarantee that I copied and pasted below for all to see and a awesome return policy. This alone makes me loyal to Helio.

Total Happiness Guarantee

We’re sure you’ll love your Helio, but if you don’t (for some crazy reason), we still want you to be happy. As long as you return your device to the exact place of purchase within your first 30 days you are eligible.

Here are the details:

30-day return grace period from the date of purchase/activation
100% refund for the Helio device
100% refund of the $30 initiation fee
Waived early termination fee
We’ll assist you with porting your number back and reestablishing service with your old carrier. Just call our dedicated customer care representatives toll-free
Helio: 888.435.4611
Helio/SKT: 866.527.3899
We’ll reimburse you for any reconnect fees up to $50 to reactivate your old carrier (Member must provide proof of reconnect fees)
Members are only responsible for their prorated Member plan monthly charge and any airtime overages or downloads (A La Carte Members are responsible for all data usage charges)