I am a die-hard Blackberry fan but this phone blows anything Blackberry makes for Verizon away. This phone is so customizable. I downloaded an SMS inbox app that mimics the iPhone. My fiancé, who owns an iPhone, finds herself so intrigued by my Eris. It’s smaller than an iPhone so it fits perfectly in your shirt or pants pocket.

The display is gorgeous. The camera works well in lighted situations. I have downloaded about 10 free apps from the Market store. I have downloaded a couple games, Bank of America app, a piano keyboard app, and a task manager (to list a few). And those of you who want this phone, open a Gmail email account. This phone will download all of your contacts from your gmail account to the phone. This will also ensure you will never loose your contacts. This feature can be turned off, of course. I have also synchronized my other email accounts as well (for those of you who don’t have a gmail account). And the one thing I like most about this phone is the hard phone keys.

This makes calling (since this is a phone) extremely easy. The Moto Droid doesn’t have dedicated phone keys but the Eris does. It also has a trackball like my old Blackberry, which is very nice. The HTC Sense UI, which sits on top of the Android OS, is absolutely smooth as butter. Everything works well. When you buy this phone, make sure you play the Teeter game, which demonstrates the smoothness of this phone. The only thing about this phone I don’t like is the battery life but I can live with it. You can make this phone completely “you”.