The newest and latest phone with top of the line cell phone technology is the Apple iPhone 3G. It paves the way against all other phones with an incredible smooth touch screen and breaks out the old cell phone norm with its amazing features.

Apple has enhanced the iPhone 3G with 3G data, Apple iPhone 3G accessories like a GPS navigation and a whole new shape on the back side giving it a fresh look. It has an updated Operating system supporting third-party software including corporate email, syncing and VPN features. Some other key features incorporated is a large multi-touch display just like the original Apple iPhone, a full web browser, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, iPod music player, 2 megapixel camera and up to 16GB of internal memory. The touch screen features a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and 16.7 million colors (24 bit) which is higher than most cell phones LCD displays. The Apple iPhone 3G is a complete upgrade for smartphones and some upgrades notable is the improvement of call quality and clarity along with the blazing fast speed of 3G. The GPS works to help you find the place where you want to go without letting you get lost. With the plastic backing, the 3G works to get better improved reception and it helps cut down the weight compared to the 1st generation iPhone.

Apple is making more and more new Applications for the Apple iPhone 3G, so always expect something great from the Apple Apps Store available for the 3G.