This stylishly black beauty looks sleek, clean and slides open in a fashionable manner, yet it also looks surprisingly simple, though at the same time the KG800 creates fantastic visual appeal and stirs your senses to a frenzy of electrical sensations as you are holding the brand new KG800 Chocolate cell phone. The first of many similar cellular devices to come, the KG800 fashion phone handset with its ultra sensitive touch pad is the first to appear in LG’s new Black Label designer range of handset phones. LG, “The Korean Cellular Giant”, has currently introduced its Chocolate in the CDMA range under the Verizon Wireless umbrella, yet you can still find an unlocked GSM Chocolate somewhere in the California Asian cell phone retail market. This LG Chocolate KG800 Cell Phone Review is meant to provide an in-depth look into the world of Chocolate.

Specs & Features

Immediately you will be captured by the Chocolate’s smooth all-black chassis with no protruding buttons, except for the functional buttons on the side of the phone, which is meshed in with the entire design of the cell phone itself. The design of the KG800 I believe was meant to develop a simply clean, but fashionably covert look that’s creates a generous amount of curiosity, which I think that LG will signify itself by in recent years to come, just as Motorola is doing with the Razr, to the SLVR to the Q editions. Its glossy uniform surface forms a rather slim slider type of phone. Weighing in at 3.53 oz (100g) and 15mm thin (3.80 X 1.88 X 0.69 inches) the LG KG800 Chocolate edition is probably one of the slimmest, yet definitely the lightest slider phones in the market today, other than certain Samsung models respectively and the Motorola SLVR, which weighs in at 11.5mm thin. When holding the Chocolate battery in my hands I just could not believe how little it weighed, though it still according to PhoneScoop, outputs a talk-time of 3.50 hours (210 minutes) and a stand-by time of 384 hours (16 days). Plus according to the Korean electronics giant, the LG Chocolate, just like the Motorola approach is the first in the company’s new Black Label range of designer-LED handsets to be “aimed at users who value style as highly as they value technology”.

Some key features about the Chocolate is that it includes a stereo music player that supports MP3 and WMA file formats and has a built in background equalizer. WOW! The chocolate also has an expandable memory option up to 2GB in the form of a MicroSD/TransFlash memory card slot. Plus it comes equipped with stereo Bluetooth, which has the ability to sync in with other Bluetooth music devices for file transfers to other communications options like Bluetooth headsets. The QVGA LCD display at 240 x 320 pixels with 262,144 (18-bit) color scheme alone illuminates curiosity in the users mind, and vividly brightens the LCD creating a crisp and clear viewable screen. Other features include EV-DO high-speed data transfer capability with Web browsing (carrier plan dependent) options and independent voice control. In addition the KG800 comes equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera with options like self-timer, and night mode functions (brightness, white balance controls). Plus you have the ability to capture stream video through Verizon’s network and have the ability to capture personal videos of up to 1 hour in length (QCIF resolution/3GPP2 format). Looking at the communications aspects of the cellular phone, the Chocolate’s stereo speakers produced clear, crisp and loud sound that’s music to my ears, literally. When testing the device at I found that the Chocolate had no issues with sound clarity when receiving and making a calls using Verizon’s network, however LG has indicated that the GSM version, that is currently making waves in Korea and Europe, is probably going to launch in the American market in January of next year, though somehow you can still get one unlocked Chocolate for around $250 to $400 dollars depending on where you shop and who you know. Other standard features that come equipped with the Chocolate is a 500 limit phone book capacity with the ability to store up to 5 numbers and 2 E-mail addresses per contact. Plus the KG800 has the ability to set picture id’s, ringer id’s, has the ability to customize, play and download polyphonic ringtones, custom graphics, and games. Other features include with the Chocolate are a music enabled alarm, a tip calculating calculator, a calendar, and a voice memo option where you can record calls up to a minute and memos up to 5 minutes.

My Thoughts

Overall I love the new Chocolate, but I am a GSM guy so I will have to wait or find one somewhere, plus a place that carries GSM specified accessories I guess. Though the Chocolate is a fashionable phone that will definitely get you some needed attention, its also comes with plenty of features that should keep you busy for a while. The only issues I had with the phone was the touch pad. Its ultra sensitive at times, but at other times it was non responsive and it feels like you are touching a flat surface and not a button. But I guess that’s the whole point of the phone anyway. Other issues I had with the Chocolate were with its MP3 player, which is definitely not the best in the market today. Plus for such a hefty price tag of $149.99 with a two-year contract with Verizon or $400 without activation, I just don’t know why LG developed only a 1.3-megapixel camera, when most modern standards nowadays are 2 mega pixels. Though there are slight issues with the Chocolate I still give this phone an 8 out of 10. It’s not a 3-in-1 cellular phone, but it’s definitely an eye catcher.