LG has finally release another type of Chocolate, the LG Chocolate 3 and is being offered by none the less than Verizon Wireless, the LG Chocolate series provider. The LG Chocolate 3 stages a very attractive design with easy to use controls. It also comes with two incredible brilliant displays and plenty of multimedia features. Unlike the previous sliding Chocolate series, the LG Chocolate 3 presents as the first Chocolate clamshell design as a flip phone. The LG Chocolate 3 also presents plentiful of innovative features like stereo Bluetooth, a built-in FM transmitter, clear and audible call quality and a 3.5 mm headset jack.

The most notable and noticeable design on the LG Chocolate 3 is the fact that it is nothing like the previous LG chocolate as in a sliding bar phone. Instead the LG Chocolate 3 presents a flip phone which breaks out of the norm of the LG Chocolate series. What retains the LG Chocolate 3 still as part of the LG Chocolate series is the iPod like scroll wheel on the front of the device. And unlike the preceding LG Chocolate series, the LG Chocolate 3 measures in at 3.87 inches by 1.95 inches by 0.69 inches and presents a wide still slim rectangular body.

Like all earlier LG Chocolate series, the Chocolate 3 is also a music based phone. The LG Chocolate 3 can hold up to 1,000 contacts in the phone book with five extra spaces in each contact to add additional numbers and two e-mail addresses. The phone also comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera which is a huge jump from its previous Chocolates and the LG Chocolate 3 becomes even sweeter by being one of the first presenting Verizon’s V Case music play and easy music controls with a mechanical scroll wheel.

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