You can finally get the truth on the LG Dare made by LG and offered once again by Verizon wireless. The LG Dare comes with an amazingly intuitive touch screen interface and an advanced 3.2 megapixel camera, leaving all other cell phone camera phones in the dust. LG has also dared their LG Dare to be jammed pack with plentiful of powerful features including EV-DO Rev. A, a full HTML browser and enhanced audio for the clearest calls.

Since the LG Dare is a touch screen phone, LG has designed the Dare with a dominating large display which covers almost entirely the top surface of the phone itself. The LCD screen display of the LG Dare also offers an innovative drag and drop menu interface which can be easily controlled with a touch of a finger. The only keys which are visible on the front of the phone with the large touch screen display are the (1) Call, (2) Clear/Voice command and (3) End/Power buttons placed at the very bottom. To top itself against Apple’s iPhone, the LG Dare also offers a QWERTY keyboard and is much more sensitive against the iPhone. Also dialing and texting with the LG Dare is easily achieved and users can even “write” our numbers instead of actually typing it. Users can also highlight, copy and paste whatever words they want while texting.

The LG Dare also raises the bar with a generous amount of adding up to 1,000 contacts and each contact can be added up to five phones numbers and two e-mail addresses for each. Each contact can also be split off into groups and can be paired with a polyphonic ringtone and a photo. Much more advanced features include full Bluetooth support with Stereo A2DP, using the phone as a modem, and file transfer.

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