Sprint and LG have revealed the newest phone offered by Sprint from LG; the LG LX 400. This is the first cell phone LG has for Sprint company users and has been incorporated with Nextel’s Direct Connect push-to-talk service. The LX 400 is one of the first phones from Sprint and LG to have included Nextel’s Direc Connect push-to-talk technology, in other words known as Qchat and can be even used over a CDMA network. However, the phone itself it also jammed packed with many great features for users looking for a first time phone or just a new phone. The LX 400 is a clamshell design with a LCD screen resolution of 128 x 160 and colors 262, 144 (18-bit) which presents sharp and clear images and graphics. And with Sprint becoming the carrier for the LG phone, Sprint users can enjoy the luxurious end of LG while still skimping easily through the Sprint’s grids style interface and operating system (OS). This phone also comes with other standard features like a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, GPS navigation and the brand new noise-reduction technology for clear sounds and clear conversations with no confusions. With a clamshell design, the LX 400 is jammed packed with great features like Qualcomm’s technology to talk over EV-DO, Qchat. If you need cell phone accessories for this phones visit here: LG LX400 Accessories.