After keeping us waiting for a little while Nextel released the Nextel i580 into their lineup. The phone itself seems to be a beefed up version of the popular Nextel i560 but does host some unique features. First of all, the phone has military-grade resistance to water, dust, and shock, which is pretty hardcore considering most of us who use cell phones usually never leave our desk or home.

The Nextel i580 does have features that have been lacking in previous Nextel models such as a nice camera as well as an expandable memory card that could be used to store music files which can played through the integrated music player. But don’t let these features fool you since I really don’t see this phone catching on to any other market besides the hard working individuals that bang up their phones more than us “normal” folk.

We’ll move on with this Nextel i580 phone review and take a look at the overall build quality of the phone, I must say that it is built pretty sturdy compared to a lot of other phones that have been released. You can think of all other Nextel phones as being the Lincoln town car and the i580 as the armored town car. This bad boy is about the same size as the other phones it just weighs a ton more. I also didn’t have the opportunity to test out how tough the phone actually is because this is my own personal phone and if I did happen to damage it for the good of phone reviews, I’d be out a phone. If you’re looking for a rugged phone that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it then I do suggest you pick up the Nextel i580. I hope you enjoyed my Nextel i580 phone review and I look forward to helping you guys out in the future with more phone reviews to come.

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