Our friendly Verizon network offers this low-key candy-bar style cellular phone by Nokia. Our cell phone review of the Nokia 6236i design specifications are not something to awe over. In fact the Nokia 6236i shell design is something that we would have expected to see a couple of years ago. In addition to poor design, the Nokia 6236i comes equipped with a small screen and suffers from small button size, which becomes cumbersome for larger hands. Though it may lack a unique look like many of its predecessors, the Nokia 6236i dose what it’s meant to do. The 6236i is a lightweight cellular device that integrates features like a radio, a camera, video capture, downloadable video games, and ring tones. Thereby, overall the added features makes the phone a decent low-end buy that may be right up your alley if you are looking for a phone to make calls and get some extras and not something that your life revolves around. If interested in The Nokia 6236i after reading through this cell phone review then its fairly priced at $169.99 with a one year contract and $69.00 with a two-year contract at Verizon stores near you.

Lets be blunt about this phone. It’s not appealing to look at but has very handy features that are most of the time standard in Nokia phones. With its rectangular medium bar candy shaped features the Nokia 6236i measures at 4.2’’ x 1.7’’ x 0.7’’ inches in dimension. Though it size is variable, it fits comfortably in a pocket or using a belt clip of some kind because the 6236i has no external antenna, so it won’t pock you in the gut when carrying it in your holster/belt clip. Though the Nokia is easy to carry around, it’s somewhat difficult to use, especially if you have larger hands. The handsfree set that’s included with the phone is uncomfortable as well after a while, but overall the phone is well built and sturdy just like other Nokia’s out in the market today. The small display measures at 1.5 inches diagonally (128 x 128 pixels) and supports only 65,000 colors. When comparing it with higher end screens, the Nokia 6236i seems a bit dull and less vibrant. Still the display is viewable in all conditions, unlike other phones and has user-friendly Nokia menus.

The interesting design specs about the phone are its joystick feature, which is mainly intended for a short cut to the messaging menu, Verizon’s Get It Now Service, the calendar and for web browsing. However, on the downside the joystick is loose and can be pressed accidentally at anytime if its’ not locked properly prior to putting it in your pockets. Plus the stick become uncomfortable to use if used more than a few minutes due to its miniature size. The upside of the phone is its bright backlighting system, its ability to access the web, its radio features, its ability to download, its easy to use menus and its durability like most Nokia phones. Unfortunately however, we don’t think the keys nor the joystick will hold up to daily repeated use, especially without a protective cover of some kind. With so may phones out now we at accessorygeeks.com just do not understand some of the design decision made by the engineers who designed this phone. In addition we thought that the camera lens, which is located on the back of phone three-quarters from the top, where the IR port and power keys are located at, could have been placed a little higher so that your fingers didn’t get in the way when taking pictures. Plus it should be noted that there’s neither flash nor a self-portrait mirror like in most modern phones of this type in the market today. The Nokia 6236i has a 500 contact size phonebook. Each contact can store up to 4numbers, a fax number, e-mail, Web, notes and a street address for that particular contact, which can be stored in one of six different caller groups. Each contact Id can be assigned a picture Id, but not an individualized ringtone, but you can assign a ringer ID for caller groups, which was a bit weird for me. The Nokia 6236i offers 25-voice dialing entries and offers 30 polyphonic (24-chord) ringtones and comes standard with features like a alarm clock, calendar, a notepad, a to-do-list, a calculator, countdown timer, a stopwatch, a world clock, a unit converter, and a translator, which is nice feature though limited in scope. The 6236i also supports text, enhanced and multimedia messaging and has infrared connection supporting the use of fax & PC Sync options. Though on the downside the Nokia 6236i lacks Bluetooth, push-to-talk capabilities, and WiFi connectivity. But you really would not except them on such a bargain start-up phone anyway. The VGA camera comes with two resolutions (640×480 & 160 x 120), a self-timer, a portrait mode, three image-quality settings, a 2x zoom, and a night mode that snaps clear images, though a flash would do nicely. You have the option to zoom, rename, and open the picture gallery or even set contrast for the photo being shot or the picture already in your gallery. Plus you have the ability to video capture up to 2.5 minutes with sound, which all can be stored in 10MB of shared memory. The feature that most impressed us at accessorygeeks.com was the FM radio; when used with a headset, it gets good reception. You can store up to 20 preset stations, plus the Nokia 6236i supports a host of formats, including MIDI and MP3. We would also like to put our hands together for the Nokia 6236i’s personalization settings like its ability to download and set wall papers, change color schemes, and customize the backlight timer up to 100 minutes are just some of the features we are going to point out.

Even though the phones outer design specs lacks a modern outlook, overall the phone is a good buy for people looking for plenty of features in a medium bar style phone. Though it lacks comfortability when handling the phone for larger handed individuals and the lack Bluetooth and other features makes up the difference. For what the phone costs and what the phone is meant to provide for its target market, its does handsomely well. It is a good buy for a start-up phone with features to a certain scope. But if you are expecting the world with the Nokia 6236i then you have picked out the wrong phone for yourself. But if you are looking for a bar type phone, that easy to carry, and durable then look for Nokia, the leading manufacture of phones in the world today.

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