The second phone Nokia has made and offered by T-mobile wireless is the Nokia 6301. The Nokia 6301 has a very simple and easy to use design with a brilliant display and well out navigation controls. The 6301 phone comes with a full functional feature set including Wi-Fi for VoIP calling, T-Mobile’s HotSpot @Home Service and much more jammed packed powerful fun features.

Looking at the Nokia 6301, the phone has functionality friendly written all over it and functionality was designed in mind over form. The Nokia 6301 bar phone is a classic cell phone with ergonomic controls, vibrant displays which are all easy to use. Measuring in at only 4.2 inches by 1.7 inches by 0.5 inches and weighing at only 1.4 ounces, the Nokia 6301 is big enough and easy enough to use for first timers or those who love Nokia phones.

The Nokia 6301 allows up to one thousand contacts to be added into the phone and each contact may add up to five more numbers, an e-mail address, a URL, a company name and job title, a formal and nickname, a street address, a birthday and important notes. If there is more need to add to the contacts, the SIM card itself holds additional names for contacts. Callers can also be split into different groups and assigned a photo or one of the 15 provided polyphonic ringtones. Like said, the Nokia 6301 has many packed powerful features including full Bluetooth, PC syncing, USB mass storage, instant messaging, voice recorder, POP3 e-mail, speaker-independent voice dialing and commands, and a speaker phone.

Of course, with the 6301 being design and made by Nokia, the Nokia 6301 comes the standard music player for a Nokia phone. The Nokia 6301 can also be customized with various selections of wall paper, colors themes, screen savers and much more.

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