The Pantech PG-C300, whether perceptively or realistically is one of the smallest flip phones in the world. For all of you who think small is thin, than you perception of the word in this instance is incorrect. It?s not the thinnest phone in the world, but has incredibly miniature dimensional proportions. The Pantech PG-C300 is a compact clamshell cellular phone with dual TFT color displays, a VGA camera, Java, Picture ID, and a speakerphone. Pretty well equipped compared to its size. In addition, you can personalize your PG-C300 with custom graphics and ringtones that are downloadable through the Cingular network. The phone is currently under Cingular & AT&T carrier umbrella and runs around $119.99.

Package Contents

What?s in the box? The contents in the box includes a Pantech C300 cell phone, a travel charger, a Lilon battery, a user guide, a quick start guide, and warrant information. Unfortunately Pantech did not include a handsfree device. I personally would recommend that you purchase a hands-free (2.5mm) due to new California motor laws. In addition I would recommend you charge your phone to fully prior to use. First this will ensure that you go a fully operational phone with no technical issues. Practically, it?s to see if you received a lemon. In addition I recommend that you charge your phone fully prior to using the phone because battery strength has a direct effect on signal strength and application efficiency when the phone is being used. Thereby, charge your battery for at least 2 to 3 hours prior to using the phone.


The key features that pop out immediately are the VGA camera with built in flash, the Pantech C300 being the smallest flip phone available, multimedia messaging, the Pantech C300 being a Tri-band world phone (850 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), its ability to customize MP3 & music tone ringtones, and instant messaging using AOL?, Yahoo?, and ICQ?. Additional features include a speakerphone, call forwarding options, picture & ringtone caller ID, and calendar with the ability for reminders, plus the ability to download wallpaper and graphics from the Cingular AT&T network directly to the phone.

The VGA camera can be accessed through the upper-right navigation button or through the main menu area, which can be accessed using the upper-left navigational button. When taking pictures with Pantech PG-C300 you have the ability to take pictures in two size settings (128 x 128 or 640 x 280) and boy dose the pictures come out well. In addition to the built in LED flash option the camera has multi-shot option, which I thought was very cool. In addition to the camera the Pantech PG-C300 can be used to instant message friends and family anywhere in the world. Plus one cool thing that I like about this miniature phone is its ability to set ringtone ids and personalize the phone to your individual style or needs. Being so small, it?s almost amazing that Pantech was able to put so many features in the Pantech C300. However, the one feature that I wish they had added was Bluetooth, now that the technology is widely known it would have been a great selling point. Oh well, maybe in the next version.


The Pantech PG-C300 like a primed boxer weighs in at a mere 2.5 ounces. Has a dimension of 2.72 x 1.69 x .76 inches, a talk-time up to 3 hours and stand-by time up to 10 days. Its my recommendation that you charge your battery fully prior to use and for all you power users out there you may just need an additional battery to keep yourself in the game. Or you can opt for an extended option, but make sure that your original battery door or phone?s protective casing of some sorts fits prior to making any such purchases. The phone comes equipped with a dual 260K TFT color screens, which I must say is rather eye-catching, though a bit small. Hey what do you expect with the ?smallest phone available?, right! In addition you can store up to 800 contacts in this small flip phone, which is incredible. Even though the phone has such small dimensions, don?t sell the Pantech PG-C300 too short. The Pantech PG-C300?s cam shell looks and feels very durable. It?s rather easy to understand and use, therefore I would say that the Pantech PG-C300 is practical and user friendly. But what I was most impressed with the Pantech PG-C300 is its receptive qualities. Its dose what every phone is in actuality supposed to do. It makes and receives calls every effectively yet the phone still has efficient menu features to keep you happy. The word that comes to mind if could describe the call quality offered by the Pantech PG-C300 is ?perfection?. Not only did this phone provided a better calling experience than my Motorola Razr, but also it was louder than my Razr and the voice quality was crisp and clear. You could even retain reception when driving in a tunnel. Though location can make reception problematic, there is other ways to gain signal strength, but I don?t really believe that this will be an issue that must be tackled. But in case you experience diminishing signal strength then opt for a personal powered signal booster or antenna.


Overall, the Pantech PG-C300, even though its not bling..blinged with gadgets and gismos, its still a solid communication device that I would recommend and something that I personally buy.