The Verizon Pantech PN-215 is Pantech’s second submission into the US cell market. For those people who haven’t even heard of Pantech they are the leading Cell phone manufacturer in Korea and most importantly developing the world’s first CDMA cell phone. If you think you have never seen a Pantech phone, look closely at the old Audiovox/UTstartcom flip phones, those were all made by Pantech..

Now the Verizon Pantech PN-215 was introduced to the Verizon Wireless CDMA network and with that comes all the pros and cons. The phone does not come with a data cable or Bluetooth so transferring items to your Verizon PN-215 phone is pretty limited. Rumors are saying that the Audiovox 8910 cable works but the transferring of pictures or ring tones is denied. Both QPST and BitPim have been tried (if anyone knows how, feel free to shoot me a message). Sending music through an email attachment does seem to work so you can’t use it for ringers.

This Verizon Pantech PN-215 phone comes with a VGA camera, flash, voice dialing, speakerphone and a great extendable antenna. A great well rounded phone perfect for basic cell phone usage. The internal screen is great and I wish the external screen was color LCD but that’s just me. The menus are intuitive and there are a multitude of buttons with built in shortcuts. Verizon PN 215 has a great little camera which responds very quickly for those who are a bit camera happy and take pictures of anything that does or doesn’t move.

The Verizon PN-215 is almost exactly like the Audiovox 8915 just lighter and a bit smaller. The faceplate is easily changeable with a mini-philips (take the top 2 stoppers out and the bottom long one). There are extended batteries available increasing talk time almost 100%, but try to find one on eBay or your going to get gouged by Verizon. The 2.5 jack is at the top of the phone instead of the side which gives that extra inch that’s always missing. For those of you who need an external antenna call up Wilson tech support, their website shows pending so they probably have one out now.

The OEM holster looks like you can open Pantech PN-215 phone while it’s attached which is a great feature. There is also a decent selection of cases to protect your Verizon PN-215 phone. Car chargers are also available too. If you want to customize your Verizon PN-215 phone even more flashing antennas can give your Pantech PN-215 phone that uniqueness that you crave.