Touch-screen phones are the biggest hit in the cell phone market like the Samsung Eternity offered by AT&T. The Samsung Eternity has attractive design like an LG VU and also comes with a smart touch-screen interface. The Samsung Eternity is great for music lovers with a wide assortment of multimedia features like a built in digital player. It has high call quality and an impressive battery life. The Samsung Eternity’s dimensions are 2.4 in x 0.5 in x 4.3 in and weights only at 3.9 oz. It has a built in camera and digital player. It also comes with standard features like SMS, instant messaging, AIM usage and e-mail. The Samsung Eternity offers a wide variety of messaging and data services so users can easily keep in contact. Some Samsung Eternity accessories available for usage are Bluetooth headsets since the Eternity comes with A2DP Bluetooth. There is also a jack for available for 3.5mm headset jack and both Samsung Eternity accessories are available at The battery power for the Samsung Eternity is powerful. It offers a talk time up to 300 minutes and a standby time up to 240 hours. If the phone becomes low on battery life, there is an audible battery alert as a warning. Like most touch-screen phones, the Samsung Eternity also comes with a virtual QWERTY keyboard for messaging. Most touch phones only offer two keyboards, one for letters and another for numbers/symbols. However the Samsung Eternity differs with a third keyboard for emoticons. The Samsung Eternity can hold up to 1,000 contacts in its phone book and with other additional information to add like e-mails and more numbers. The Samsung Eternity has an installed ram of 200 MB of memory available. The Eternity phone also has an expansion slot available for more Samsung Eternity accessories offered is one MicroSD memory card.