Trust all your instincts, with the Samsung Instinct cell phone. The Instinct has been designed by Samsung with a slick, intuitive look and is heavily loaded with many powerful, innovative and easy to use features. The best part of the Samsung Instinct is the powerful messaging system and GPS navigation device. By design, the Samsung Instinct instantly catches the eyes with its’ sporting design. The touch-screen device presents a thin candy shape car like look with dimensions of 4.55” x 2.16” x 0.49”. It is the Instincts touch screen that dominates the main features of the phone itself. The phone book of the Samsung Instinct holds up to 600 contacts and has enough room to hold up to five different phone numbers for each contact. Each contact can also have an entry for an e-mail address, a URL, and important notes. Other much notable features of the Instinct is the full Bluetooth with a stereo profile, the phone can act as a modem supports, audible caller ID, speaker phone, mobile syncing for stored contacts and USB storage. The Samsung Instinct surpasses the first Apple iPhone with smart phone like features and organized e-mail features.

The Samsung Instinct comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera and can zoom in up to 2x digitally. And it also has a built in of 32MB memory capacity for pictures and music. The call quality on both can is good. The call volume can be easily adjusted. Callers on the other will have no trouble hearing users using the phone.

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