With a simple and easy to use design the Samsung Knack is the perfect phone to use for first-time cell phone users. It has outstanding call quality with a great set of functional features like voice dialing and is considered one of the best basic phones on the market.

Unlike other phones, constantly striving to be on top of the gadget world with flashy design and impressive features, the Samsung Knack offers more of a comfort to first-time cell phone users and is considered one of the best basic phones on the market.

The Samsung Knack does offer an extremely well-built, intuitive design with large keys and simple menus for easy user ability. The Samsung Knack is also a clam shell or flip phone. It has a large screen on the front of the phone displaying the basics like time, signal strength, battery power and called ID. The phone measures at 3.78 in x 2.01 x 0.74 in and weighs only at 3.63 ounces. With a slim profile and light weight, there is no need to worry that it would weigh down during travels.

The Samsung Knack has a standby time up to 336 hours and a talk time up to 270 hours. The display language can be switched back and forth from English to Spanish. Some messaging and data services for the phone are voice mail, text messages and enhanced messaging service (EMS).

Buttons for a headset jack, volume, charger port and voice dialing are all colored for another user friendly usage. With colored buttons it would allow users to indicate the difference of each button. Some great Samsung Knack accessories would be a 2.5mm headset jack and a Samsung Knack car adapter which offers great usage during road trips, vacation time or just driving on the way to work, to home and in the car anytime.

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