Samsung Omnia
Verizon Wireless has yet another touch –screen phone to offer like the new Samsung Omnia. The Samsung Omnia has a more spacious touch-screen so everything is more evened out. Users can even customize the Samsung Omnia’s Home screen to their own liking, touch-screen feedback and accelerometer. The Samsung Omnia offers an operating system of the popular Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional which is great for people familiar to Windows Mobile. It also offers a wide-range of wireless connections like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and EV-DO Red. A support. Some greats Samsung Omnia accessories for the usage of wireless connections are Bluetooth headsets. The Samsung Omnia measures at 2.24 in x 0.52 inch x 4.4 in and weighs at 4.34 oz, making it a bit heavier than some phones and lighter than some. The Omnia has the common built-in devices of a five mega-pixel digital camera and a digital music player. It also comes with a strong multimedia features available for users. The Samsung Omnia for several options for text messaging like the full QWERTY keyboard, common for touch-screen phones, Block Recognizer, Transcriber and more options available. While texting, the Omnia provides a touch feedback with a slight vibration like the LG Vu. The QWERTY is a bit cramped, but still lets users compose short e-mails and text messages with fewer errors compared to the BlackBerry Storm’s large QWERTY Keyboard. The most unique part of the Samsung Omnia is Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. Because of the TouchWiz, users can customize their Home screen. The ‘widgets’ or icons on the Home screen can be easily done with a touch, drag and drop to users own liking. The Main Menu page organizing the most used applications in a easy-to-use view, something unlike the usually Windows Mobile Usage.