Going back to the basics of cell phones, the Samsung Renown rediscovers the simplest usages of the cell phone with modern-day technology. The Samsung Renown has a slim clam-shell design, a flip-phone, with a bright display and easy-to-use controls for those wanting and needing the most friendly usage phones. The Renown comes with great sound quality for phone calls and has an excellent set of features including the fast 3G support network. The Samsung Renown one of the best phones to use around when cell phone users want a user-friendly phone. The keypad buttons are flat, but have been spaced out spaciously and separated from each other making dials and texts quick and comfortable. It comes with caller-ID, speaker phone and has a phone book capacity of up to 1000 names and numbers with some additional information to be added like e-mails. The Renown comes with a Bluetooth wireless interface which is perfect for Bluetooth headsets, some of the most popular Samsung Renown accessories. The Renown phone has enough power battery for up to 300 minutes of talk time and up to 320 hours of standby time. It also comes with a resolution of two megapixel digital camera and the Renown’s picture quality will give users better pictures compared to other phones. The two megapixel digital camera also comes with 10 times more digital zoom to take closer pictures. The Samsung Renown also comes with a music digital player. So music lovers can add their favorite music onto the memory card and slip it into the memory card slot available on the phone. Some other popular Samsung Renown accessories are wired 2.5mm headset jacks since the Renown also can use wired headsets plus Bluetooth giving more choices to users. The Samsung Renown also comes with a strong 3G network so users can have VCAST and VZ Navigator offered by Verizon wireless only.