Finally T-mobile has a thin multi-media phone of its own that isn’t made by Motorola. The sleek Samsung T809 is a sleek phone jumping onto the bandwagon of thin fashion phones ala the RAZR. The T-mobile Samsung T809 has a brilliant screen, great sound quality, Bluetooth, 1.3 mega pixel camera, a image editor built-in for a spot touch-up job, and even expandable memory for those who like to listen to MP3.

Data-wise Samsung T809 is great. Video and picture transfer is available through Bluetooth data suites and dongles. But, if you wish to plug in your Samsung T809 then your only option is eBay until someone makes or finds the OEM cables. The Samsung T809 can also be used as a modem so your Samsung T809 is always connected to the Internet.

Now there are some downsides to this Samsung T809 but most of these can be fixed. First the screen is great but it is so bright! Who needs to poke an eye out when you can go blind looking at the screen at night?

The miniSD card that comes with the Samsung T809 is only 32mb, which is a pathetic 6 songs. Being a slider phone it the screen is suspect to scratches; can’t have a $300 phone get thrown around like a dishrag now. Pick up a pouch; the ones that fit the RAZR also fit this phone. If you don’t want something wrapped around the phone I suggest a Universal Screen Protector, there are no premade sizes so you’re going to have to measure and cut one yourself.

With the Samsung T809 phone being so small it’s awkward to hold it during calls leads to some slight cramping. Go with a Bluetooth headset, might as well use the phone to its fullest. There are plug-in headsets, but that takes away the ability to charge the phone.

Since there is so much is crammed into this small little phone something has to suffer for fashion. The battery life is short but still beats the Samsung A900 Blade. The Samsung T809 phone battery is pretty much drained in 1 day with just moderate usage (checking VM, Texting, some calls) but OEM chargers work really fast. For those who what an extended battery the future looks bad, putting a bigger battery in this small T-809 phone defeats the purpose. Desktop charger has a higher chance but will be difficult because of the charging port location. Pick up an extra wall or car charger for a quick boost while driving or at work.