Another one of the first fews phones from Samsung offered by Sprint Nextel is the Samsung Z400. The Samsung Z400 has been designed with durability, functionality and many satisfying features for Sprint users and customers. And it also performs well compared to some phones.

The design of the Samsung Z400 is a clamshell or flip phone design. The size of the phone and dimensions are 3.73” x 1.91” x 1” with a LCD display of 1.9” diagonally. The LCD display has a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels and 262, 144 colors (18-bit). It has a 21MB built in memory to store any kind of data, photos or music on the phone and has an enough space capacity of adding up to 600 contacts in the phone book. With the 600 contacts to be added to the phone back, there is enough room to add up to six phone numbers, including Direct Connect Number, to each contact, an e-mail address, an instant message handle, a URL, a nickname and important notes. Samsung has design the Z400 to be even more user-friendly compared to other phones. The Samsung Z400 comes with Bluetooth, voice dialing, USB mass store, a speakerphone, GPS navigation (available through service provider), voice recorder and Sprint’s own Mobile Sync service. It also comes with the most basic instant messaging and basic e-mail which are provided by Sprint’s Web service.

Call quality on the Samsung Z400 is sharp and clear on both ends. Unlike some phones, voices heard over the Z400 sound natural and not mechanic like. Speaker phone quality on the Z400 is also very powerful and clear. PPT calls will also sound clear and crisp. The Samsung Z400 is powered by a 1300 mAh lilon battery, offering up to 5.8 hours of talk time.

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