Since the integration of thin cellular phones by Motorola in the industry, the cellular market has continuously emerged with new technological innovations in the new ?Thin? communications arena. Cellular phones through cultural pressures are slowly technologically mutating into all in one slim as possible devices like the Motorola Q. This technological revolution that all began with the introduction of the slim Razr handset by Motorola now has some competition. Samsung has been right behind Motorola, producing thin models of its own. In December, the Samsung MM-A900 for Sprint emerged as a viable competitor to the Razr, and now with the introduction of the new Samsung SGH-T509 for T-Mobile, Samsung has positioned itself as an alternative to the candy bar-style Slvr L6. The T509 is actually slightly thinner than the Moto phone, which Samsung is quick to point out. Plus the Samsung T509 offers a comparable feature package and is a bit more attractive than the Slvr, plus the T509 features a more viably vivid display and a cooler looking illuminating keypad. That said, we at were not too impressed with the variable sound quality and its overall thin lightweight durability. If interested in the phone the Samsung T509 will run $199 if you pay full price for an unlocked version or you can get it as low as $49 with a service contract with T-Mobile.

I don?t know about you, but I am getting a bit crazed with this constant influx of ?THIN? cell phones in the market today. Especially when the manufacturer of the Samsung T509 dubs the phone to be the ?slimmest candy bar phone in the United States?. With its stylishly slim and sexy look the Silver Samsung T509 at 5.6 x 1.8 x 0.4 inches is taller than the Slvr L6 & L7, its main competitor in the market today. Plus the T509 is ?thinner? and weighs less than its ?Hello Moto? counterpart at 2.7 ounces. Other than having an edge in form and weight the T509 also has a superior TFT display compared to the SLVR models! The T509 handset has a more brighter and more vibrant 1.8-inch, 176×220 pixel and 65,536 color TFT display (diagonally), which gives the Samsung T509 an edge in sharpness/crispness and color saturation, which provides the T509 with a more washed-out visual feature, though the display still was annoying to look at in direct sunlight, which is a bummer folks. In addition to having a superior out of sunlight display the T509 lets you change the backlighting time, the brightness of the display, the dialing font size, style, and color, which should be a plus for all you individuals who like to mix up their looks a bit. In the box you get the phone itself, the battery, a handsfree device, a travel charger, and manual/registration info. If additional accessories are needed then try, your one-stop-shop for cellular accessories.

Lets first look at the basics that you will get when purchasing the Samsung T509 shall we. Basic features in the T509 includes a generous 1,000 contact capacity, where each entry could hold up to 5 numbers and 1 e-mail address, plus the SIM card holds 250 more names so what else can you ask for you social butterfly. Additionally, the T509 also comes standard with 22 polyphonic ring tones that you can assign to your contact categories (Friends, Family, Work, etc?), as you prefer. If you want additional options and buy additional ring tones, you can download them from T-Mobile via the WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser if your plan covers this option. If you plan dose not support the use of the Web browser than you can always add it to your plan for an additional monthly fee. Other basic standard features includes a vibrate mode, an alarm clock, a calculator, a world clock, a unit converter, a timer, and a stopwatch. Though the business enabled features are limited on the T509, it still supports Bluetooth, has a speakerphone that you can only use after you make calls and multiple messaging options such as AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ that comes standard on the phone like many other MOTO phones in the market today. When trying to sync the T509 with Bluetooth enabled device, please be advised that not all Bluetooth handsets work well with the T509, so consider doing a bit of research on your own to find out what is the best option for you by checking out some Bluetooth buyers guides on the net.

The T509 has a low-res VGA (640 x 480) camera/video camera that takes pictures in 4 different resolutions, has a 4x zoom feature, brightness control, 7 color effects, spot focus, ISO settings, 30 fun frames to choose from, a self-timer (3, 5, or 10 seconds), a multi-shot option, and a night mode option. The video camera has the ability to shoot clips in 2 resolutions with sound, though the clip length is only 15 seconds. The T509 comes equipped with various editing options just like its camera. The issues I had when using this feature are the appearances of the images. The T509 produced not so sharp quality images that appeared a bit dull and had unclear video quality. A bonus however, on the T509 unlike other cell phones, is the phones the ability to create shortcuts to various photo-editing options. Plus for all you gamers out there you get full versions of three Java (J2ME) game titles: Forgotten Warrior, Freekick, and Arch Angel. There’s also a demo version of Midnight Pool that Samsung & T-mobile the ?value leader? is offering with the Samsung T509. Overall storage for all your multimedia on the Samsung T509 is shared and stored either on the phone taking up some memory space on the T509?s impressive 70MB shared memory. Or you can store images via the Web on your on-line T-mobile album.

Our geeks at tested this phone in Walnut, California. In generality call quality produced fairly crisp sound from the T509?s speaker. When making a call our geeks reported in receiving well to excellent reception in the area using T-mobile, a GSM enabled carrier. Though I would recommend the use of an additional power source if you are constantly on the phone in hilly areas where reception drops in and out frequently or if your cell phone is an extension of a business unit that is need daily or if you are just using T-mobile as a service carrier in Walnut (In the Hills) like me. Though call quality and reception was quite good, the volume level for the phone was a bit weary, just like in all of the Moto thin phones. I would think that with the introduction of the Razr and Slvr editions by Motorola, that Samsung would correct the volume problem with its T509 handset, however the problem still persists in this model so be advised that the sound quality could be better than what the T509 has to offer when making calls. Additionally, the Samsung SGH-T509 trumps the Motorola Slvr L6 & L7 by adding support for GPRS and EDGE networks. We experienced faster data speeds particularly due to T-Mobile’s EDGE network, which is the fastest data coverage at around 90Kbps that a carrier offers at the moment. Plus the battery source (Lilon 800 mAh) on the SGH-T509 has a rated talk-time according to at 3.50 hours (210 minutes) and a standby time of 7. 2 days (172 hours). Please refer to manual or manufacturer to see when to change batteries due to daily use, which may alter reception or cause problems with the device. According to FCC radiation tests, the Samsung SGH-T509 has a digital SAR rating of 0.74 watt per kilogram; thereby, we recommend that you change your battery occasionally to keep up to specifications.

Overall the Samsung SGH-T509 has an extremely stylishly sleek yet sexy design that will awe your friends and family. Plus the T509 is user-friendly with a vividly illuminating display. It?s also solid with its basic and editing features for multimedia purposes. Additionally it includes Bluetooth, a speakerphone and supports EGDE. On the downside however, the Samsung T509 needs to do something with its call quality. The volume when making and receiving calls was not as we hoped. Plus due to its weight factor I we felt that the phone is very fragile and could break if dropped on a hard surface. Though the manufactures of the Samsung T509 could have made some performance improvements with the phone, the bottom line is that the Samsung T509 is a step taller, a step thinner and a step above the Motorola L6 & L7.

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