Aren’t you simply fed up of carrying multiple devices to sort your music, communication and scheduling requirements? Do you want to carry an iPod and your cell phone around with you everywhere you go. Haven’t you been hoping for something that allows you to communicate and listen to music at the same time? Well you don’t have to worry about your cumbersome load once you set your eyes on this fully loaded beauty – the Sony Ericsson W300i with Cingular Plan. If there is a phone that can truly rock, pop, hip hop, country, and r&b your world, this little number will have you dancing to tunes at the instance you purchase your Sony Ericsson W300i! With a vast number of music enabled cell phones hitting the U.S. based market this year alone Cingular has offered the Sony Ericsson walkman phone for only 19.99 with a contract. Special offers provided by Cingular are @29.99 with $75 MIR on 2 yr contract and 50 free songs from emusic.

What’s In The Box

Packed with a whole load of incredible features, the W300 promises quality listening experience for the music lover. The box comes with a Sony Ericsson W300. Its small and neat design resembles a clamshell, but what this music phone offers you is a top-of-the-line walkman music experience. A USB cable to connect to a PC, Disc2Phone music management software. Stereo headset come equipped with the device and definitely the battery and travel charger as well. You may as well get a manual, directing on how to use the W300 and other legal and warranty information, which you should be well aware off.

Features / Specifications

The GSM enabled Sony Ericsson W300 is equipped with simple yet essential features in a cell phone ranging from calling functionality, text messaging, and a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera to PC connectivity, making the Ericsson W300 a true winner both in terms of functionality and entertainment value. The Sony Ericsson W300 comes equipped with a dazzlingly clear 262,144 color TFT 128 x 160 pixel LCD screen that provides its users optimal image viewing whether surfing the web, or viewing pictures within the camera functional area. The cell phone automatically renders full Web pages for better Web viewing pleasure. The simple and easy to use camera operates beautifully and seamlessly, leaving very little to complain about it functionality, though picture quality rendered needs more attention for the next model. A WGA camera that allows for clear pictures – all you’ve got to do is aim and shoot and if you need to zoom in a bit try using the 4X zoom. The best feature of the W300 allows you to transfer your latest/greatest hits and pictures from your PC to your phone or vice versa using the USB connect cable or Bluetooth. Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, its clamshell body is sleek and very urban sheik. The Sony W300i boasts of a very logical and easy to use layout. No fumbling or fidgeting to figure this one out. In addition the Sony Ericsson W300 has a small external LCD screen on the flip of the phone. This feature enables you to keep status of the song playing, the incoming calls and lots more other functions. By pressing the side key along the side of the Sony W300i’s body enables you to obtain data on the external display ranging from events scheduled for the day taken from the organizer, and volume control. The external screen also displays important information pertaining to the media player: track title, artist, and scroll bar. If you’re listening to the radio on the Sony Ericsson W300 then you can view radio station’s title on the external display as well. The W300 uses a Lithium-Polymeric battery with the capacity of 900 mAh and provides ample battery life despite the extensive features that the phone offers. With full charge the W300′s battery offers up to 9 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time. While the display is a knockout stunner, the navigation controls and keypad buttons do seem a bit cumbersome at times. The five way toggle is too large and is often more of an impediment because its buttons are flush with the surface of the phone making it slightly difficult to adjust to when viewing the cell phone. The flat keypad buttons, while large, do overlap and are flat with the surface of the phone which can lead to a few embarrassing misdials yet don’t quite offer quick messaging options that the phone is supposed to provide. The W300i has a 1,000-contact phone book that allows for an entry for five phone numbers, e-mail, web addresses, business and home street addresses, a birthday date, and notes for each contact. The phone also allows you to get organized with its plethora of services starting from functions that allow you to organize contacts into groups and pair them with a photo for caller ID or simply assign them one of 28 (40-chord) polyphonic ring tones. Other features include a vibrate mode, text and multimedia messaging, voice dialing, a calendar, a task list, a notepad, a calculator, a timer, a stopwatch, and a code memo for storing passwords and other secure information. Loaded with a couple of business-friendly features, this ‘music’ phone does pack in a few surprises. A speakerphone, PC syncing for contacts and calendar appointments, a newsreader for accessing RSS feeds, USB cable support, and full Bluetooth that facilitates not only the headset connection but also for wirelessly exchanging files and electronic business cards. Last but not least the most important feature on the phone it’s call quality features. Even with slight glitches on the phone the Sony Ericsson has excellent call quality. It produces not only clear sound, but also excellent reception. Whether you give the trophy to Sony Ericsson or Cingular overall the Sony Ericsson W300 is a good buy for all you music lovers on a budget.

The Sony Ericsson W300i, it being a world phone offers good call quality, an attractive swivel design quality, 3D gaming, a top-notch MP3 player, a Bluetooth and infrared port, a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, a speakerphone, and a generous set of additional features. Even with so many positive features, the Sony Ericsson Corporation did not engage in providing better quality control and keypad design features. In addition the Sony Ericsson W300i took low-grade pictures and had the odd tendency to freeze up like a lot of other Sony Ericsson phones out there. I thought that Sony Ericsson could at least deal this freezing problem, however, I guess its not at the top of their ‘things-to-do list’. Plus even though the phone is equipped with Bluetooth the W300i do not support Bluetooth enabled headphones when listening to music, which is the primary marketing vehicle for the cell phone. Also I have read that there are some music-transfer glitches due to their software not being perfected so check back with Sony Ericsson for further updates. The bottom-line about the Sony Ericsson W300i is that though it has a few design and performance glitches, the Sony Ericsson W300i is a quality, but basic MP3 cell phone that has up to 512 MB of expandable memory slot and is remarkably user-friendly.