For all you music lovers out there if you haven¡¯t checked out the new GSM enabled Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i yet then your are definitely missing this new era of digital communication/music revolution that is ongoing in most areas of current technology today. Cingular the company with the slogan ¡°raising the bar¡± is the primary carrier of the new Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i. So whether you live in the U.S., in the Asia-Pacific, in Europe, in the Middle East or even in Africa, Sony Ericsson’s second phone with a FM radio/Walkman music player definitely bridges the gap through music using this affordable swivel phone.

The cool sound enabled swivel-action provides a smooth gliding mechanism that easily locks and unlocks with a slight push of the thumb, which not only protects the keypad but also serves as a gateway into an array of multimedia experiences like the 1.3 megapixel digital camera with built in flash that also acts as a LED flashlight, a advanced digital FM radio/music player with stereo headphones and the capability to rip/download music using the Disc2Phone software, which is provided in the kit. The name Sony for years was known to bring its customers a sense of an enhanced digital sound quality to their products and the Sony Ericsson W550i brings nothing less then perfection when its comes to the quality of sound. You will experience a crisp sound quality whether you are making or receiving a call while listening to your personalized ripped/downloadable polyphonic ringtones or if you are just enjoying FM radio or previously downloaded music or videos from your 256 MB memory card that comes with the phone.

This innovative new lightweight Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i also has 3D gaming and video viewing/recording capabilities that only Sony was designed bring you. The Sony Ericsson W550i / W600i also has a bright yet clear 1.8¡± color screen for the best possible viewing experiences. The phone is Bluetooth enabled and has a built in crisp speakerphone. Another accessorizing capability for the phone is the customer¡¯s ability to express their own personal individuality by changing the outer look of the phone with interchangeable faceplates. Another feature that I really was impressed with was the battery power. The talk time is 8.50 hours (510 minutes) and standby time is at 400 hours (16.7 days) so if by chance you forget to charge your phone then you will have the peace of mind that your phone can last throughout the day. Other features include EDGE high-speed data transfer capabilities, voice dialing, and extra buttons for landscape-mode gaming for all you gamers out there.

With all of the great features that enhances you mobile experience whether it¡¯s the features of the phone or the ability to accessorize your individualistic style when using the Sony Ericsson W550i the downside with the W550i / W600i is that the software that comes with it may come in conflict with the driver version for your video card in your computer thereby, creating compatibility issues. The other issue is comfortability problems I had with the stereo headphones that come with the phone. The headphones had to be literally pushed in to you brain due to varying ear styles out there, but the sound quality is still good.