Verizon Wireless the nation’s largest and strongest Network provider and LG recently launched an update to the VX8100 music phone with the new introduction of the lighter (3.88oz/110g) LG VX8300. While the VX8300 retains much of the previous specifications as of its predecessor the LG VX8100, the added tweaks both in hardware and design are appreciated, especially the weight issues. Instantaneously when taking a closer look at the new LG VX8300. I could immediately decipher that its eye-catching metallic gray clam-shell was sturdy and durable, but hey not indestructible.

Like the LG VX8100, the LG VX8300 EV-DO handset includes illuminating music control keys on the outside of the flip on the VX8300 signifying the phone’s marketability as an MP3 phone. The LG VX8300 also has built-in stereo speakers and GPS radio capability making the LG VX8300 a versatile music power device. I mean GPS radio, WOW! The rewind, play/pause, and fast-forward buttons are ergonomically positioned so to provide optimal operational efficiency of the music capabilities in the LG VX8300 itself. A new feature that the LG designers added to the LG VX8300 is the ability to expand memory using microSD memory expansion technology over the previous model’s miniSD. Now all you LG lovers and Verizon customers can expand your memory capabilities and have a greater degree of freedom & wireless mobility to share or listen to various music media anywhere you go.

What’s inside the Box? Well lets hope the LG VX8300 phone comes in the box, but that’s not all you get. You also get a Li-Ion battery, a travel charger, the manual and any registration materials and marketing promos that mostly useless. Hmmm?Are you thinking of additional accessories for the LG VX8300 already like I am? The new LG VX8300’s Li-Ion battery is capable of 3.83 hours (229.8 minutes) of talk time and 384 hours ( days of standby time as the manufacturer indicates. But be advised though, as with all batteries with time/wear/tear (continuous charging, build-up, corrosion, etc) upon the battery can lead to problems with charge loss that will lead to efficiency loss to the battery with time or mishandling. The LG VX8300 battery issues can easily solved by having an additional battery or just by picking one up at an accessory supplier or an LG/Verizon store near you. When testing the VX8300 for reception (signal) quality and speaker (voice) quality, I found that Verizon, the nation’s largest network, still has incredible signal quality. Plus the LG VX8300’s speaker (voice) quality is not only loud and crisp, but also sharp and recognizable without any background muffled noise obstructing any rely of messages/sounds from the VX8300 itself.

The LG VX8300 supports Bluetooth enabled devices. An added bonus! With LG like Bluetooth enabled capability and the addition of the A2DP stereo headset allows you to amazingly listen to your tunes wirelessly anywhere you go. The LG VX8300 also has a standard 1.3 megapixel camera, which is available for quick snapshots and video capture/playback. But don’t expect to start your own picture album over the net with the VX8300 by itself. The LG VX8300 also sports dual color screens – the internal a 262k color TFT LCD with a 176×220 pixel resolution, and the external an OLED model with a 96×96 pixel resolution. We at recommend some sort of LCD screen protection to better protect your LCD’s over time. If interested in the LG VX8300, the phone is available now from the Verizon Wireless website for US$49.99 after a US$50 online discount and two-year service agreement.