WALNUT, CALIFORNIA –“Can you hear me?” “No.” “How about now?” “No” “Okay, what about no –” “… hello? Hello?!”

Everybody now has a cell phone and when talking on a cell phone the words, “Can you hear me now?” is a common phrase used by everyday cell phone users and not just by Verizon Wireless. Dropped calls have become an issue to cell phone users causing cell phone service providers to be bombarded with questions of, “Will I get reception in where I live? How many bars can I get in this area?” So Accessory Geeks offers the best solutions to get more cell phone reception in more places.

Today Accessory Geeks has revamped its cell phone antenna section. In our brand new cell phone antenna section, shoppers can browse through the different sections which have been specifically created to get them directly to what they want. Our new cell phone antenna section has been split into five different types of shopping sections and each section has their own type of usage like the first one: a cell phone antenna resources section.

The cell phone antenna resources section is a informational section which customers can learn more about a cell phone signal booster, cell phone antenna, amplifiers and how to figure out how much more signal strength increase they want. The Resource section also helps answer some common questions asked about cell phone boosters, antennas, amplifiers and how to read the ‘scientific term of cell phone signals like dB and ‘everyday language’ of cell phone signals like bars.

The next category down, customers can shop by an Application category. The Application category simply makes it easier for cell phone users to decided where it is they want to increase cell phone signals. Users can shop for cell phone signal booster and amplifiers as a signal booster to use in the car or in semis’, RVs, boats, or at home, office and in different kinds of buildings. With these different categories, customers can have these choices of selection which makes it easier to find and getting the right kind of cell phone signal booster for all the different locations available.

Another choice given to customers is by shopping for a certain cell phone signal booster products. These products can range from cell phone antenna adapters, coaxial cables, antennas, amplifier/repeaters, antenna combos, package combos or any other accessories related to cell phone antennas. By splitting the different products related to cell phone antennas, Accessory Geeks believes this will be a major help to customers who just want to find what it is they need. Customers can also get antenna combos created by the company providing the products, or can get a combo which has been created by Accessory Geeks and includes everything needed to boost signals. By providing combo packages prevents customers from buying multi-items needed and can now instead make one purchase with everything needed.

Accessory Geeks has provided customers with another choice by shopping for cell phone antennas by browsing for different manufacturers and brand name products in the cell phone antenna industry. Customers can shop for products by Wilson Electronics who are the most trusted brand name for cell phone amplifiers and cell phone signal booster, shop for Cellphone Mate products who are the second leader in cell phone signal boosters, for Wi-Ex zBoost, Kyocera and Digital antennas. However, if customers are not sure if a certain product will work with their phone, then our next category will help.

Our next category, customers can shop by carriers or whoever is providing them their phone service. Cell phone users can shop by the top six service provider companies’ like AT&T/Cingular, T-mobile, Verizon Wireless, Nextel, Sprint and Alltel. Once reaching the section, users can find their phone model and get the right cell phone antenna for their phone. With all this help, some wonder what a cell phone antenna does.

By getting the necessary items needed and installed correctly, cell phone users can find themselves with stronger signals and a large decrease in dropped calls. Using the entire cell phone antenna system requires an antenna adapter, inside antenna(s), amplifier, and an outside antenna and possible needed coaxial cables and connectors. This cell phone antenna system is the basic requirement for home, car, office and in any other place. By having all of this, cell phone users will find a great increase of cell phone reception in the area of setup.

Accessory Geeks has split the Cell phone antennas page this way because it is one of the easier ways to help shopper find the right antenna they want to there would be less and no more drop calls with stronger signals.