WALNUT, CALIFORNIA–-Around the world, there is a rare and fatal disease, affecting a small population of kids with no cure. Inspired by Hadley Hope, Accessory Geeks has joined the search for a cure against the Niemann Pick Type C disease.

Today Accessory Geeks has joined the fight against the Niemann Pick Type C disease with Hadley Hope. The Hadley family has been strongly affected by the Niemann Pick and inspired by their kids to help inspire others also affected. To help raise money for the cause, Accessory Geeks is selling specialized cell phone pouches that can only be found on AccessoryGeeks.com. These cell phone cases have a special and strong message about Perseverance, “Blessed is the Man Who Perseveres under Trial. James 1 :12.” Hoping the case will help raise awareness and with all the profits made, it will all go to Hadley Hope for the search of a cure for the Niemann Pick Disease Type C.

Niemann Pick Type C Disease is an autosomal recessive disorder which affects the lipid metabolism and cases harmful amounts of lipids to accumulate in the spleen, liver, lungs, bone marrow and brain. Type C disease of the Niemann Pick is one of the rarest diseases (an estimation of 1 in 150,000 people of incidence) and affected kids are able to survive into adulthood or may die in childhood, before the disease over-takes their body thus resulting in death. The Niemann Pick Type C disease has a 100% fatality rate for those who have been tested positive with Type C Niemann Pick disease. There are foundations helping the fight this deadly disease like the National Niemann-Pick disease Foundation and Hadley Hope in the fight, support and promoting researches.

Hadley Hope is a family of five with three kids, two of which are diagnosed with the life-killing Niemann Pick Type C Disease. The Hadley kids consist of a 10 year old, 7 year old and 5 year old. The youngest one is not a carrier or has the disease; however, sadly, the two oldest children have been tested to be positive. The Hadley family created Hadley Hope from the inspiration their own kids have shown while living and battling everyday against Niemann pick Type C disease. Hadley Hope is also a non-profit organization bringing together families with children suffering from Niemann Pick all over the world. Hadley Hope also helps raise funds to support the research for a cure and treatments with various donations and fund-raisers.

To join the fight Accessory Geeks has created promotions to help raise money for Hadley Hope and to raise awareness about this disease. “I think it’s great for Accessory Geeks to help the cause with the Perseverance pouches.” Stated David Byun. “It really helps raise awareness about the disease and brings light to it.” Accessory Geeks also has special promotions running based on the pouches such as a page which has been specifically created to inform those who do not know about the Niemann Pick Disease Type C. “All the money raised from the Perseverance pouches will be donated to Hadley Hope for research, medical expenses and a potential cure!” states David Byun.