Halloween Costume Exchange

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Hey guys this is GamerGeek from AccessoryGeeks.com and this is our 2nd annual Halloween Costume Exchange Party. We are going to have it on October 22, 2011 from 9am – 2pm at our headquarters. And this is the address 18430 San Jose Ave Unit B City of Industry, CA 91748. This event is actually free. Yup, you heard me, it’s free. It doesn’t matter where you’re from like if you’re from the east coast. If you want to fly down here that’s fine too because this is actually going to be local at our headquarters at the address over here. This event is free. It’s for you to exchange your older costume with newer costumes that we have or with other people’s older costumes. We actually had this event since last year. Last year we had over 200 people, participants like families came in and they exchanged. Again, this is first come first serve. So we do have a set number of costumes for you guys to exchange and then after that, the older ones that you exchanged with people can exchange it over and over. So you know, as long as you find something that you like you can always exchange it one for one. The only thing we’re concerned about is that the costume has to be somewhat wearable. It cannot be a trashed costume that you found that is half eaten by bugs or something. It has to be wearable. Preferably very very clean and so you can just trade it off with us. Our costumes, we’re gonna actually buy new costumes like a set number, so first come first serve. So the first people that show up usually get the best selection. After that you can trade with other parents. Last year actually I saw a couple of parent’s trade with another family without actually going through us. That’s completely fine because we’re just trying to host an event where parents and families can actually trade older costumes with each other. This event is meant for costumes for toddlers and kids up through the age of 12. So we don’t actually exchange adult costumes at all so if you want you can bring your kids because this whole event is actually dedicated for the kids. We’re going to have a bouncy castle, we’re going to have temporary tattoo stations, we also have face painting stations. We might have even more like snacks or there could be a balloon artist. That’s what they’re called. Sorry, trying to find the words. You know, the whole purpose of having this is us giving back to the community. We’ve been trying to do this every year, this is our second one, this is our second annual Halloween Costume Exchange Party. Last year we had it in a smaller location because now we actually moved to a bigger warehouse. Now we have more room to actually have a bigger event. And what I hear from the higher up we are also getting the Angels of Anaheim, the baseball team, some of their team members, well not the actual players but the radio station that are promoting them, are coming over to give us some raffles, tickets, you never know what you’re gonna get, and we also have our own personal raffles. So just come have fun with us! Last year as I mentioned we had over 200 participants and we had ABC 7 cover the news that spread into Fox news and it spread into a couple of cable networks. And we’re really really proud that we can actually give back cause we understand how expensive Halloween costumes for kids and they outgrow them really really fast. So, we’re here for you. We’re trying to help you basically recycle your old costumes; give it away that might even like it and yep. Second annual Halloween Costume Exchange Party October 22 from 9 to 2pm at our address right here: 18430 San Jose Ave Unit B City of Industry, CA 91748. And I will show you actually how you can Google map our location. I’m going to restart this. So you go to maps.google.com, easiest way to find us and just type in our address, if you don’t know how to do this already. San Jose Ave, you don’t have to do Unit B because Unit B basically indicates that we are in the back. City of Industry, CA, enter and here we are. After you’ve done that, if you want to figure out the directions from your place to our location, just go click on “Get Directions” type in your address, click “Get Direction” and it should take you step by step on how to get here. Easy. Again, 2nd annual Halloween Costume Exchange Party at AccessoryGeeks headquarters. We’re looking forward to seeing you, this is GamerGeek. You got it from A Geek!