WALNUT, CALIFORNIA October 17, 2008—Today video games are become more and more popular especially the super popular Nintendo Wii. And with each newly released console come various controllers, cables, adapters and more storage spaces always in demand and new. So for every gamer’s needs and wants, Accessory Geeks has it covered with a brand new solution.

Today Accessory Geeks has revamped its video game accessories page. In our brand new video game accessories page, shoppers can browse through the different sections which have been specifically created to get them directly to what they want. Our brand new video game accessories page has been split into six specific sections and each section has their own type of usage like the first one: a FAQ and Buyer’s Guide section.

The Buyer’s Guide and FAQ section helps customers who come to our gaming page to learn more about their console and what it is that they want. A common issue occurring is the difference between various models of all the consoles. So a developed self-help Buyer’s Guide help customers learn more about their consoles. It also consists of what memory cards they can use, what sort of data cables, plastic cases, silicone cases and more carrying cases available for usage. The FAQ section has some of the common questions asked by our customers like determining which Nintendo DS or Sony PSP they have. Once customers have their questions answered and are ready to shop, the next section, Consoles, is readily to be explored.

The Console section has contains some popular game consoles available on the market. Shoppers can shop for gaming accessories available for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and DS Lite, all three versions of the Sony PSP, Sony Playstation 2 and 3 and both X-box and X-box 360. With each section customers are bound to find different kinds of cases available for their consoles. Shoppers can also browse around for batteries, car chargers and travel chargers, data cables, screen protectors, memory cards and all sorts of game accessories available. However if shoppers want to shop by accessories, there is a given section for it also.

The next shopping choices down are the various game accessories available. Here customers have the choice of selecting a generic item for their console. Some of the popular items shoppers look for as cases, HDMI cables, memory cards and chargers for handhelds and controllers for everything else. The cases which are available range from plastic cases, silicone cases and many carrying cases making easier to transport a game system to another without any hassles. HDMI cables are becoming widely used as the time draws in closer for the switch to High Definition Television (HDTV). Memory cards have been a hot item since gamers will always need and want extra storage for game time. With a wide selection of game accessories to choose from, customers have the choice to shop around for what they are looking for. NFL and MLB fans also have the choice of their share also.

The next section down from game accessories also contain an exciting choice for supports of the NFL and MLB which are official Licensed Products. This section will continue to grow as more licensed products come in from different leagues like the NBA or NCAA. “I love this section!” states Tony Ahn, a MLB fan and employee of CGETC. “I hope this it’ll have my favorite team items too, the Dodgers!” A product in this section is Official Licensed Products from the different leagues and has many teams available to select from. The next two sections left are price and color.

Price and color offer the most ideal item customers are looking for. If customers are on a budget and money constriction is a problem, price falling under each category like under $10 or under $20 is also available. If color is the first thing in mind, our color section has common trendy colors like white black, blue and red available to select from.

“We created these segmentations because of the upcoming holiday season and our goal was to make it easier for customers to get in and get out as fast as they can without any hassles.” Says Mario Martino, a long time gamer and creator of the new video game accessories page. And with the holiday season fast approaching these segmentations and new cleaned up section, customers can find what they want without wasting any time.