Original Equipment Manufacturer Versus After-Market

So what is the big difference between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products and Aftermarket products at AccessoryGeeks.com? Well, lets look at it logically. An OEM product is indefinitely manufactured by the original manufacturer of a certain product and will usually run a bit higher in price than any Aftermarket product. The plus that you get when you purchase OEM products is quality, and trust in the form of the brand name, plus a warranty that accompanies the product. In retrospect, an After-market product will usually cost lower than an OEM product and is usually of lesser quality then its counterpart.

The specifications of the Aftermarket product will indefinitely match the specifications needed for the product you are trying to accessorize for your wireless device and it will work the same as an OEM, but the Aftermarket product will likely be manufactured and packaged in mass quantities in cheaper plastic packaging unlike an OEM product, which looks and feels better than the Aftermarket brand. Basically you will be paying for the brand name for an OEM product because its a trusted source so you will be paying more for something you know and trust (warranty). An aftermarket product is cheaper, but will work, though there is no backing of the product by the manufacturer, therefore you may be stuck with the distributors return policy for any protective measures against sudden early malfunction of the cellular/electronic product itself.

OEM Products After-market Products
Definition: (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Usually they are products that was originally manufactured by the manufacturer themselves and are usually of higher quality and more durable then aftermarket products.


  • High priced items
  • Manufacturer Logo on packaging
  • Has Original or OEM specified
  • Has UPC code
  • Labeling/Packaging of better quality
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Looks durable/feels like quality
  • Strong Brand (International) recognizable name backing product.
  • Wilson, Call-Capture, Jabra, Plantronics, Body Glove, Krusell, Bluetooth, Data Pilots, Mobile Action, Future Dial, Apple Ipod, Belkin, Motorola Phone Tools are usually OEM.
  • Longer turnover time.
  • More trustworthy
Definition: Products produced by a non-manufacturer, who develops accurate/relevant specifications to fit a certain product. Aftermarket products are usually mass-produced and have lower quality/durability then OEM products.


  • Low priced items than OEM
  • Simple cheap Packaging
  • Usually manufactured over seas (China, India, Taiwan areas)
  • No UPC
  • No additional manufacturer warranty
  • Mass produced
  • Lower quality, less durable than OEM
  • Usually manufacturer name unknown
  • Usually of plastic construction
  • Quicker turnover time than OEM
  • Universal products