Hey geeks it’s your host Miller. Today mark day 10 over here of the twelve days of geekmas. Today we’re offering 10% off all iPod Touch accessories. It’s great all you have to do is remember the promotion code Touch Geekmas and there you have it. It’s easy go on to accessorygeeks.com, choose the iPod accessory and well there you have it. It’s great, it’s iPod Touch don’t forget. So go there now before it’s too late.. or you can wait until next year. We’ll see ..alright geeks. We’ll continue on our video and hopefully we’re interesting you to our very best. Stay geeky my friends and don’t forget that you got it from a geek. Get in there…by the way how you could get this? Where do you got? Don’t worry about me. …not to play nice boy routine? Never start with the nose?! The victim gets all fuzzy, what did I tell you.. why did you to this? I did nothing…liar! I have nothing on me..you always close that closes to you..airclose? I’ve heard that before! I’m not lying…you need to talk to snowflake, no they wouldn’t! their right there before you expect them. Your boys betrayed you! Ahahaha…oh santa santa…how does it feel those around you have betrayed you…we’ve all been a good boys and girls these years, why don’t you accept that? Does it hurt? Does it? Those will haunt you! Ahahahah….