The Sony Xperia X, hints the phone ability to  ‘’predict’’  the direction of moving objects, and ensuring accurate focus when taking photos.  Speaking of photography, the phone’s main camera is a key selling feature, with 23 MP of resolution, super wide viewing angles, and extremely autofocus.  Game on anywhere at $34

The phone promises to bring Sony’s awesome battery life – two days of use between charges, the battery is 2,620mAh.  The Xperia X featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon, 650 processor for ultra fast connectivity.  As for the handset itself, it is designed in typical, stylish Sony fashion, with straight lines and flat sides.

For convenience’s sake, you get a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button but we can’t recommend it for US customers.  The other Sony trademark is great sound – stereo speakers outside,  Hi-Res Audio and DNC inside.   The bottom line:  A reliable and likable midrange phone, the Sony Xperia X stands out for its palm-friendly build and strong camera.

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