With the release of Apple’s iPhone 5c and 5s, I have been contemplating on the upgrade from my iPhone 5.

With so many tempting choices out there on the market, it was a tough decision for me to choose. One major reason is that since the inception of the ipods, I have been a big fan of apple products. All of my electronics somehow involves an apple. An apple a day keeps the (virus) Dr’s away right?

Well, with the release of the two devices, I had a choice. I can order and wait for the 5s. But I asked myself why?  What was so different about the 5s that made me want to take the uograde?  Was it really an upgrade?

I had a selection of devices to choose from. The Samsung series with its big retail showroom at best buy made me wander around the floor for hours.

Was I really stepping away from my beloved iPhone?   Yes. I did. I made the switch from apple to Samsung galaxy note 3. After 4 days, I am in complete awe of this device. The size is just incomparable. The technology, unbelievable. I can’t believe I had been looking down on androids! 

Now as for the selection of cases that are available, the original cases look tempting but along with the improvements in the device, I see more quality in cases and accessories as well!  I can’t wait to customize my case or start a new collection of cases to match the mood and event!  Cellto wallet cases from accessorygeeks.com sure are colorful!  Can’t wait!