We all have to dial a toll free number at one point right?   I have a very unique telephone number and I get wrong numbers such as…calls for poison control ALL the time.

My question is…does anyone dial 1- plus the area code any more?  I have been receiving an alarming amount of calls (3-5 daily) with people dialing the wrong number.  My white iPhone 4 is well protected by a hard case from www.AccessoryGeeks.com obviously and its really good to look at with my Hello Kitty Screen Protector (wink wink!), but I’m afraid at one point or another, I’m going to want to throw it against the wall.  Its a bit frustrating to get this many phone calls for the post office or for poison control.

I hope we can live without calling the post office or poison control (yikes!) but I hope we can all be calm when we are in emergency situations by remembering to dial the number one! 800 or one! 866.

We can google for the number on our mobile devices can’t we?  and it usually has a link that allows you to directly call.  I don’t remember the last time that I had to use our home phone for anything.  I know we are spoiled with the fact that we don’t have to remember phone numbers or that we don’t really HAVE to dial ONE-800, but we really shouldn’t spoil ourselves!